About the Dream


July July Dream is founded in 2012 and based in Hong Kong. We believe that everyone is unique and everyone deserves to have their own style. Our inspiration always come from the beauty & experience of life, so we launched a jewelry trilogy about the path of growing. From a simple belief about hopes {Angel in Us}, to a self-reflection {Talk to Yourself}, and the strength {Keep the Faith} to face challenges of the future. Always be brave & discover more possibility.


Everyone is unique. Because it is boring to be the same.










Each is Unique.





About the Dreamer 

Born and rise in Hong Kong. A dream chaser, traveller and memeber of DanceSing Angels. She falls in love with white, feeling heal in the handmade process , believe everything happen for a reason, so action more than thinking. Always be beave and out of the same.

She is not only do what her like, she loves what her do.